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The Hampton Roads Virginia chapter of COMPA is a professional leadership coalition that serves to address the needs of managers and other professionals in the public and private sector within the Hampton Roads region. We invite you to join us in advancing excellence in public service.


We offer two $500 scholarships for undergraduate and a $1,000 scholarship for graduate study in Public Administration, Urban Studies, Urban Planning, or a related field.



Our Distinguished Public Service Award is presented each year to two people from the Hampton Roads regions. View the criteria, nomination and selection process here.


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COMPA prepares and mentors minority students for a career in public service through scholarships, teaching and training. Complete your membership online to join our chapter.


A Welcome Message from COMPA'S PRESIDENT

It is my honor and privilege to serve as the President of the Conference of Minority Public Administrators for the 2016-2018 term. My theme for this year will be “Hampton Road COMPA (New Vision – New Hope – New Future)“ in 2020!

COMPA family, what I’d like to encourage us to do in these times of such difficulty for our organization is to be open-eyed about the choices before us as members. Don’t simply stumble along letting OUR organization fall by the wayside. Choose the humble purpose of dedication over pragmatism and personal gain. Choose to serve COMPA as a leader rather than to be served. Help grow the next generation of servant leaders behind you. Build a great and safe place for people to work and find their purpose and calling. Leave your legacy in the lives of others and COMPA. It is in such a life that you will meet a true servant leader down the road one day and that leader will be you: grown much larger in the ways that matter--perhaps forever.

So I close with: COMPA needs strong leaders and members willing to make sacrifices: give of your time and talents to strengthen the organization. COMPA needs strong supporters to take the helm and carry out the vision of the organization. Someone, unafraid to be the voice of the organization. Someone who understands the value this organization brings to the workplace and will staunchly advocate for it.

Stanley I. Skinner

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